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Remote Working.

Remote Working via the cloud allows users to connect to their workstations from anywhere and work just as productively from home as they do in the office.

Remote Working

With the way technology has advanced, remote access brings a whole new way of how businesses choose to operate, and creates a range of opportunities, bringing ease and extra accessibility for staff.

The benefits of having a Remote Working set up at your place of work is that you can send and receive email on the go, you have the opportunity of completing extra work from outside of the office, you can work from home during unforeseen circumstances and you can access files on an internal network from anywhere.


Remote Desktop Services

Our remote desktop services include running a ‘thin’ client and server, which contains a read only flash memory and all applications are access through a Remote Desktop Connection to an appropriate server.

This helps to increase the productivity of staff and ultimately helps to save the company money. This also creates the opportunity for staff to work from various different locations outside of the office, just as effectively as if they were there, and there is no danger of losing work or vital information in the event of devices being stolen, broken or hacked, as all data is backed up and secure. We provide a full range of services to help your business with Remote Working.

Benefits of Remote Working

  • Create opportunities to increase staff productivity.
  • Help to make the environment healthier by allowing staff to commute into work less, decreasing the amount of pollution in the air that is created by their vehicle.
  • Employees with an active role that sees them meeting clients on a day to day basis can still have access to emails and files.
  • Helps to save money as less space and equipment is needed in house, as more people can work from home.
  • Allows your employees to work in a more comfortable and stress free environment, without distractions.

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