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Secure Virtual Networks.

A Secure Virtual Network is a productive and cost effective method of storing and sharing data, allowing users to connect from inside or outside the workplace.

Secure Virtual Networks

A Secure Virtual Network is a link that doesn’t consist of any direct connection between devices. It allows you to build a safe and secure network infrastructure via a private cloud, tailored to your requirements and scalable should your needs change. It enables you to send and receive files across networks, in the same way that if the devices were connected directly to the network itself.

Here at County IT Services, we can help you to create a secure environment that is unique for you, in order for you to run your machines and applications and store data securely. We are able to offer you control over the network, running a variety of virtual appliances, and defining traffic flows for your network.


Benefits of Virtual Networks

Our Secure Virtual Networks are beneficial to companies that may have employees working on the same or similar pieces of work, at different locations. A virtual network allows people to share their files and data with each other, without having to be in the same room or have a direct connection between their devices.

Virtual networks also reduce the need for networking hardware, as there are no cables or hubs that are needed for the connection. Our secure Virtual Networks offer more security for communication and sharing than other remote methods, as we use highly developed technologies to protect against unauthorized access. A virtual network is very flexible and can be up scaled to grow at the same speed as the company itself.

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