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Web & Email Hosting.

The cloud provides a secure and scalable solution for web and email hosting, with additional resources available on demand.

Cloud Based Web and Email Hosting

A cloud based web hosting service is a variation of typical internet hosting that allows a company to become live on the Internet. We lease server space to our clients, and help them to achieve connectivity over the Internet via our very own data centre.

We offer a web hosting service on our secure, stable cloud hosting platform. Whether it be a website, simple email or DNS then we are able to assist you. As part of our service, we offer expert advisors who will assist you with your hosting account should you need any assistance.


We can also offer data backups via the cloud to make sure that all your website content, images and any databases are backed up at regular intervals should the worse happen. With regular backups, we can ensure that if your site goes down, we can get you back up and running again as quickly as possible.

A cloud solution also offers other features such as fail over and load balancing to reduce the strain on your website should it experience periods of high traffic or where resources become stretched.

Server Consolidation

If you own and run multiple pieces of hardware and software, you may find benefit in server consolidation. By consolidating your server, you can store all your hardware in one place so that it will remain structured and organised. We can create a single server platform for you, that will allow you to host guest servers should it be necessary.

Server consolidation is especially useful for growing companies who need to host sites across multiple servers.

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