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Disaster Recovery.

Disaster Recovery is something that most companies very rarely have in place and is essential to get back up and running again in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery involves planning to protect against the consequences of something negative that may happen to the business. Planning for a disaster can protect against cyber attacks, equipment failures and damages to hardware. The disaster recovery plan that is created will include policies and the actions in place to limit the effects that the problem will have on the company.


Disaster Recovery Solutions

Would you know what to do or where to go for replacement hardware, software and internet connectivity should the worst happen to you? County IT are here to help you with any difficulties that you may face when in need of a disaster recovery, with many ways and solutions to protect you against all types of negative issues that may occur.

At County IT Services, we can help you prepare for the worst so that you can get the company back on its feet and running again, minimising disruption and downtime. We can use a combination of data backups to try to prevent any disasters from occurring in future and IT recovery strategies to have a system in place in case something does happen.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Understand how a business functions and how it uses its resources
  • Assess any vulnerabilities that the company may have in different areas
  • Understand how different departments or aspects of the business would be affected by a disaster
  • Create both long term and short term recovery plans
  • Action the recovery plans when needed and maintain a good working practice

If you would like to ensure that your business has a level of protection in case of an emergency and would like us to create a Disaster Recovery Plan, please contact us today on 01623 347000.


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