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IT Audits.

Regular IT Audits are crucial in order to spot any potential threats or weaknesses in your system and to understand what course of action to take to make them secure.

IT Audits

When it comes to IT Security, there are a few important questions to consider:

  • When was your last IT Audit?
  • Do you know if the software you use is fully licensed?
  • How old is your IT infrastructure and is it properly protected?

We can visit your site with a specialist piece of software that will audit your IT infrastructure.

From this and other observations of your network and paper licenses we can produce a comprehensive report that shows licensing issues, upgrade suggestions, security alerts and if possible areas where money may be saved.


We believe that IT security audits and network health checks are an essential in order to protect yourself from unwanted threats such as viruses and hackers. The results of the security audit will help you to prioritise what improvement to make first and will help you to plan your future IT expenditure in both the short and long term.

Network security audits are also critical as they come with a greater security risk. Networks typically hold confidential information including financial documents and personal information which can cause great damage if they fall in to the wrong hands. We are able to carry out a full network security audit which will identify any weaknesses and we can advise on any software or hardware upgrades you may need to make so secure your network.

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