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IT Support.

We offer a range of IT Support Solutions to suit you and your business. From bespoke month to month campaigns to pay as you go IT System Support.

There are plenty of businesses out there who either don’t have the resources to use IT effectively or are struggling with their current set up and that is where we come in.

Our flexible approach to IT support means that we can offer a tailored service based on your individual needs. Whether it is ad hoc IT support as and when you need it, or a dedicated service contract, whatever your requirements, County IT have a solution.

We can also provide a ‘hands and eyes’ service where we work alongside your current IT department to provide fast and efficient assistance to your internal IT staff or even a third-party IT provider. This is ideal for when you business has a specific IT project or where your current IT department’s resources are stretched and there is too much work to handle.

IT Support for Businesses.

We understand the IT Support requirements for businesses across a wide range of industries so whatever situation, we have a solution for you.

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IT Support for Schools.

We can offer IT Support in a range of educational environments to ensure that all IT systems are fully operational, minimising disruption for students in education.

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IT Support for Charities.

We can provide dedicated IT Support services to charities across the country, offering them cost effective solutions to allow them to focus on the great work they do.

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